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Department of Accounting & Law

Professors: A. Arya, R. Bing, E. Ekmekjian, M. Krishnan, M. Mwaura, A. Nassiripour(chair), A. Nyaboga, L. Xu

Associate Professors: V. Avdeev, M. Rudnick,  C. Wong

Assistant Professors: K.J. Koo

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Consistent with the Cotsakos College of Business undergraduate program objectives, the accounting program:

  1. strives for academic excellence in helping students understand the skill sets required to either meet the complex demands of the accounting profession or continue with an advanced degree in the area of study
  2. familiarizes students with issues related to dynamic and contemporary financial institutions and government regulations through coursework and professional enrichment
  3. increases students' problem- recognition and analysis, as well as technological proficiency
  4. encourages the enhancement of presentation and communication skills.

The accounting program offers students the opportunity to work with technology both in laboratories and the Financial Learning Center, where data feeds, databases, and software commonly utilized by the business professional are leveraged to the benefit of the student's academic learning objectives. Students are also exposed to software specific to the accounting profession and accounting specific information systems.

Finally, the department guides students who may wish to pursue professional certification as a certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), or certified internal auditor (CIA). Students should note that even though requirements to qualify for the CPA examination vary from state to state, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has mandated that an individual who wishes to become a CPA must complete 150 credit hours. This credit-hour requirement can be satisfied at William Paterson University either through enrollment in an advanced degree program (M.B.A.) or the completion of additional undergraduate-level courses. If planned properly, the 150-credit undergraduate program may still be completed in four years by attending summer sessions.

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